How to Apply

To apply please use the online application form which can be accessed using the yellow application form button on the right of this page. 

Applications are assessed twice a year with the next closing date being Tuesday 30th April.

All Applications will be assessed by the S4S Awards Panel and all applicants will be notified in writing of the outcome.

The number of awards given by the awards panel will depend on the number of applications received, their eligibility for an award and the finances available to the panel at the time. The panel requests information from the referees given in the application and makes it's judgements based on the information on the application form and that given by the referees. The panel works within financial constraints and aims to select the most deserving of the applicants based on achievements to date and future potential, taking into account the age of the applicant and the sport. The panel will not enter into any discussions regarding the decisions made to award or not to award individuals.

Top Tips for Applications

1.  Complete the Application form in full, the panel can only make their judgements based on what is on your form. If in doubt put it down.
2.  Discuss your application with your references. Ask their permission to use them as a reference and make sure they are happy to respond. 
3.  Although our panel have a wealth of knowledge they aren't going to know every sport inside out. If your sport is unusual or the competition structure is complex try to give context to your achievements for example - this is the highest level of competition for this age range in the country. 
4.  Please ensure your contact details and your references contact details are accurate.
5. Please choose your best sport.  We can only assess applications based on one sport, so pick your best.
6.  Take your time to check the form over for spellings etc. 
Good Luck.