What is Set 4 Success

Set4Success will support young talented sportspeople from the Horsham District to achieve their potential. The costs involved in training and competing at a high level are often a deterrent to the fulfilment of ambition and capability. As a result an individual may lose interest and the nation a potential champion.

S4S has been set up by a partnership between The Rotary Club of Horsham, Horsham District Council, local businesses and Horsham District Schools. 

Young people can be nominated for an Award which will help with funding to provide assistance with costs associated with training, competing, coaching, travel or transport (to coaching, training or sporting events), equipment or clothing specific to the sport for which they are being nominated. Successful applicants will also receive some concessionary access to local sports facilities to help with their training.


All Schools, Sports Clubs, Businesses, big and small, within the Horsham District are invited to become supporters of this exciting and locally focussed sports scheme and fund.

As well as supporting the area’s talented young sportspeople, the scheme will offer great publicity and a sense of even greater involvement within the local community.